E316: Who Are You? Finding Your Identity In Christ

Rich and Doug deep dive the power of getting your identity from God and not others.

E313: Christians & Cigars.

Cigar lovers will LOVE this podcast. Legalists, on the other hand, will hate it. Enjoy and share with your cigar-loving friends.

E310: Socialism’s Infiltration of The Church

Rich and Doug discuss socialism’s desired inroads into The Body of Christ.

E309: The Trans Community Don’t Like This Bible Passage

Rich and Doug discuss a passage of scripture TransActivists no-likey.

E302: Warriors & Wildmen Interview Mike Pantile

Rich and Doug powwow with a young man of God who’s not your typical Christian male in this epic podcast.

E299: Transgendered Person Kills Christians – Is That A Hate Crime?

Rich and Doug discuss the disgusting Covenant Christian School Massacre by Trans Lunatic.

E288: From Queer to Christ

E288: From Queer to Christ

E283: Facades.

In this podcast, Rich and Doug discuss hypocrisy, mask-wearing, and various forms of deception.

E273: “Church” Hosts Drag Queen Bingo – No, This Isn’t Satire

Rich and Doug discuss the Drag Queen invasion of Churches and schools in this epic podcast.

E272: Dear Church Growth Gurus: You Were Wrong

It appears as if the smarmy wizards of all things Church Growth related were more off base than Pete Rose on a wild pitch. Enjoy and share.

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