E330: Here’s a Book for Young Men That You Won’t Get at Youth Group

Rich and Doug discuss a new book for young warriors that definitely has teeth to it. Enjoy and share with the brothers.

E319: Are You Limiting God?

Rich and Doug discuss how we often limit what God can do in our lives.

E315: Identity: Who Am I? Part – 2

Discovering WHOSE you are is key to understanding WHO you are! Doug and Rich attack this topic that is both relevant and inspiring!

E306: The High Call for Young Men

Every young warrior needs to listen to this podcast from Rich and Doug.

E303: Strong Dad or Hard Dad?

Rich and Doug discuss the fine line of being a good dad and going rogue as a disciplinarian in this epic podcast.

E302: Warriors & Wildmen Interview Mike Pantile

Rich and Doug powwow with a young man of God who’s not your typical Christian male in this epic podcast.

E301: God Uses VERY Strange People

Rich and Doug discuss how God always picks folks most religious people would scorn.

E290: GO! Answer the Call!

The call of God on a man’s life is an amazing thing to discover. Rich and Pastor Tom Reynard discuss world missions, the call, and the price. Get ready to laugh, be challenged, and encouraged!

E281: Say It Again! Raising Kids and the Next Generation to Follow Jesus

Doug and Rich discuss the hot topic of raising kids who will follow the Lord. Let’s reach our children, and our children’s children, and their children’s children! It’s not only possible but here are the secrets from Psalm 78 to make it happen.

E279 – PART 4: Are you a Spiritual Pygmy?

Rich and Doug discuss spiritual immaturity in this barn-burning podcast. Enjoy and share!

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