E312: Two Pastors Discuss Andrew Tate

Rich and Doug discuss the controversial character, Andrew Tate, in this epic podcast.

E298: If Your Wife Is Abusive, You Need To Hear This Podcast

Yes, Rich and Doug go there with this dicey topic in this fresh podcast.

E296: An Exhortation to Young Men: Part 1

Rich and Doug compare and contrast the young men addressed by the Apostle John and young Christian males today.

E251: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Rich and Doug discuss all the bizarre trans stuff that’s being foisted on We The People in this epic podcast.

E220: China Bans ‘Sissy Men’ While The Left Celebrates ‘Sissy Men’

Rich and Doug discuss a very hot topic that’ll probably get them banned on Facebook. Enjoy and share!

E174: Raising Boys That Radical Feminists Will Hate

Rich and Doug discuss raising boys in a man-hating environment in this epic podcast.

E159: Green Beret: An Interview with Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Dave Clukey

So you want to be Special Forces? Rich and Doug interview a real-life Warrior and Wildman! Mental toughness, team, planning, and preparation are all topics on this great conversation. We can all learn some valuable lessons from this true American patriot!



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B47: Real Women Hate Wussies

My wife and I have spent the better part of a quarter century ministering to males and females, from all over the world, and one thing I’ve heard from women of all races, colors and creeds is… they hate men who’re wussies.

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Dear Christian: You Might Be A Wuss, But Jesus Wasn’t | #DOUGCAST B43

Our wussified culture has created for themselves a wussified, Faux Christ, who’s nicer than the actual Jesus and has little to nothing to do with the rebellious, young Galilean who kicked up dust on the mean streets in the Middle East many moons ago. Consequently, his followers are expected to produce gelded disciples who do not upset the world like the first century believers did.

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