E248: Se7en Things I Hate About Satan: His Temptation To Fear

Fear is a Satanic poison that slays faith and paralyzes the soul. Rich and Doug discuss this demonic device in this epic podcast.

E243: Se7en Things I Hate About Satan: Part One

Rich and Doug discuss evil devices Satan works the saints over within this epic podcast.

E238: Life and Faith Behind the Berlin Wall: An Interview With Ingolf Schmidt

In this riveting interview, Rich speaks with Ingolf Schmidt, a pastor who lived in East Germany under communism. Ingolf talks about life and faith being raised by a Communist military father and the contrast of American freedom then and now.

E236: 5 Traits of a Good Man

Rich and Doug discuss traditional masculine qualities that are ignored by most tinkerpot churches. Enjoy and share far-n-wide. 

E232: This One Goes Out To Envious Twits

Rich and Doug discuss the evils of envy and how this virus opens the door to the gates of hell

E231: What the Hell is Going On?

Rich and Doug discuss the insane absence of media coverage regarding The Waukesha Mass Murder

E227: Wartime Pastors Needed – Part 4

Rich and Doug discuss the sin of Pastors saying nothing while our Church and nation are getting ransacked.

E218: Covid & Kabul

Rich and Doug discuss these two hot button issues hitting our Nation in this fresh podcast.

E186: Dear Anti-Trump Christians: Are You Cool With Censorship?

Rich and Doug discuss the censorship that has arrived throughout all social media platforms. Share with a friend and signup for our Warriors & Wildmen email newsletter!

E176: Election Fraud, The Reign of Biden & Goofy Sleepy Joe Christian Voters

Rich and Doug discuss it all in this bareknuckle post-election podcast.

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