E218: Covid & Kabul

Rich and Doug discuss these two hot button issues hitting our Nation in this fresh podcast.

E186: Dear Anti-Trump Christians: Are You Cool With Censorship?

Rich and Doug discuss the censorship that has arrived throughout all social media platforms. Share with a friend and signup for our Warriors & Wildmen email newsletter!

E176: Election Fraud, The Reign of Biden & Goofy Sleepy Joe Christian Voters

Rich and Doug discuss it all in this bareknuckle post-election podcast.

E167: What the CDC Just Reported about COVID Will Not Be Featured on CNN

If you want proof that we’ve all been lied to… then tap play on this epic Warrior & Wildmen podcast.

E144: “Follow The Money!” The Coronavirus And World Economies With Former SVp of Meril Lynch

Doug and Rich talk with Mahmoud Elwadi, former First Vice President at Merill Lynch and author of “THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS: From Washing Dishes To Wall Street, My Journey Pursuing The American Dream,” about how the Coronavirus is affecting world markets, the US economy, and our lives. His Facebook Live video was viewed more than 158 million times. This interview is hard-hitting and pulls no punches! NOTE: CHINA WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH THIS INTERVIEW!

E142: This Doctor’s Take On The Coronavirus Will Blow Your Mind

Rich and Doug discuss the Coronavirus hysteria with well-known health and wellness guru, Dr. Steve Hotze.

E125: The SIN Of Anxiety, Worry & Fear

Worry refuses to know God. It refuses to trust God. It refuses to love God. Ergo, worry is a serious sin. Rich and Doug discuss how to tackle this demon in this epic podcast

E119: The Witchdoctor, Snakes, and Curses!

The incredible story of Paulus Wiratno and his conversion from Islam to Christianity (Part 2) This story of Paulus’ encounters with the powers of darkness and God’s miraculous intervention will inspire you in your journey of faith!

E118: From Islam to Jesus

We’ve got a special podcast with our good friend, Paulus Wiratno from Indonesia.  This episode will challenge your faith!  Make sure to share with a friend who needs to hear.

E68: Depression: How to Kick Depression’s A** (Pt 2)

The Warriors & Wildmen Cure For DEPRESSION Is Something You’ll NEVER Hear In Sunday School. Here’s some hilarious and hard-hitting advice for those of us who’re prone to get down in the dumps. Immensely practical, rock-solid and timely.


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