Christ & Chaos: Serving God During Crap Conditions | E155

Rich and Doug discuss following God during times of absolute madness. We guarantee Pelosi, CNN and BLM will not listen to this podcast. If they do listen, they won’t take it to heart but we’re guessing you will.

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One comment on “Christ & Chaos: Serving God During Crap Conditions | E155

  1. Smy Hefner says:

    Amen so do i , I know my calling and That’s is to win souls and make displays. Right people don’t dive in to the Bible like i do im saved so when its my time to go.God is who i listen to not others. Scwe social media and what they say. I don’t listen to others. I Have Faith unlike others. I agree with My pd. And not this freaking government for this Virus i don’t care. Unlike others that don’t have Faith.

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