E204: God Is A Warrior!

Doug and Rich engage in a powerful discussion with warrior and Green Beret, Lt. Col. (Ret) Dave Clukey, about understanding God as a warrior. From the Bible to the Battlefield, Boardroom, Classroom, or Livingroom, we are called to be warriors with God as our example.


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One comment on “E204: God Is A Warrior!

  1. Robert Sice says:

    This is the podcast that got me hooked on you guys, I grew up with Lt Col. Clukey, keep doing what you are doing, your message is awesome for men and women who don’t understand the “Spiritual war” is very real. By God’s grace I pray to start a Corrections Officer Bible study. We have prison ministries everywhere, but working 22 yrs in Corrections, we are forgotten, the devil has control of both sides once those gates lock behind you. Knowing how to use our Armor as corrections offices is paramount for our souls survival. God Bless both of you

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