E229: Effeminate Men

If you think men should get in touch with their ‘feminine side’ then Rich and Doug predict that you’ll hate this podcast.



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One comment on “E229: Effeminate Men

  1. Lisa Hussar says:

    I love you guys! I listen every week!!
    I wish my husband would listen, but…It is not so. I crave the beauty and strength of Biblical headship in my marriage/family…nothing hotter!
    I would love to hear you guys take on ‘masculine’ men who abuse their power and headship and abdicate all spiritual leadership, domestic responsibilities, and child-rearing as “women’s work.” For some men, “Headship” leads to immense pride and dominance that (in their minds) narrows their personal responsibility to provision alone, leaving everything else to their wives and children while they ‘indulge their flesh’ and ‘Lord it over’ their families because “well dammit! They deserve it!”
    Sadly, some of us (too many in the Christian community tragically) must take leadership in our homes beyond our Biblical role against our desire because we’ll, “somebody gotta do it”. I would love to take off these pants and wear a pretty skirt ?!
    Praying for you and the Warriors & Wildmen ministry…you are making an eternal impact!
    In His Love,

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