E67: Depression, How to Kick Depression’s A** (Pt 1)

Depressed? If you said, ‘Yes’, you’re not alone. Lots of regular folks deal with it on a regular basis. Rich and Doug discuss how to beat it so that it doesn’t beat you in this very informal, gloves off, bare-knuckle, Warriors & Wildmen

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One comment on “E67: Depression, How to Kick Depression’s A** (Pt 1)

  1. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon says:

    Depression is a thing that everybody knows and has felt sometime in their life. The only way to overcome depression is to get up off the old duff and find something to take your mind off of what you are depressed about before the devil makes it a permanent thing in ones life that leads to everything being wrong around people or in the minds a permanent disablement. It has happened to people and few know how to help people with the depression problem. Few Christians do not even know how to help people, but a few does know how. One should approach the depression in people with kid gloves and hold the people up in prayer all the time and tell them the truth to them about their depression after God has had the chance to intervene with those people. They cannot hold on to that terrible depression expression and use it all the time to get things and their way all the time and especially use it depression as a weapon against themselves and others. We have to get through to these people without “PILLS” that do not work because the depressed for so long knows it works to rule others around them. When the depressed will not stop and dump the tool “depression” then it is time to quit trying to help them and tell them to straighten up and quit using depression as a crazy tool and reason to be what they are!

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