E72: Dear Christian: When’s The Last Time Your Pastor Spoke On The Fear Of God?

The scripture is replete with references regarding the fear of God but you wouldn’t know that if you attended an easy-breezy hipster church. Rich and Doug dissect why this grand topic is being avoided and why it should be embraced.

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2 comments on E72: Dear Christian: When’s The Last Time Your Pastor Spoke On The Fear Of God?

  1. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon says:

    My Preacher just preached a Sermon on “Fear Of God” of recent and mentions it frequently. So does Our Teachers who teach in the Adult Classes in Our Ladies Bible Study! It is in the Bible, but you have to realize Guys that the Preachers are preaching Sermons to their Members that does not cause problems in their Churches so they will not lose Members and Finances! The same has been preached for years that Once Baptized always saved which is wrong, same sex marriages are allowed, the divorces for Bible reasons was overcome with reasons that are used today, All the money from every Church is sent to Our enemies abroad and Our Veterans are left Homeless, and the children in America go hungry. No One Fears God that allows all of this o happen in this Great Country, but Veteran/Church Elder Taught this Preacher Girl of 74 years of age differently and I am so blessed!

  2. harley hopp says:

    IN 1951 OR 1952, i WAS SILENTLY SETTING IN CHURCH WHEN A FIRE AND BRIMSTONE PREACHER/VISITOR YELLED OUT “FEAR GOD-REPENT OR END UP IN HELL!” I STOOD UP AND YELLED OUT WITH TEARS IN MY EYES, “I love God and he loves me and because of JESUS I HAVE NO FEAR!” Needless to say, you could hear a pin drop as I was sobbing and led out of the Chapel and down into the basement by one of the ushers. I got a personal sermon while the preacher upstairs tried to finish his sermon. LOL now.I remain a Christian Cop with a Bible,, badge and gun. I am a CAPITALISTC PATRIOTIC CONSTITUTIONALIST and remain so for AMERICA AND FREEDOM! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL GOD BLLESS AMERICA!

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