Raising Boys Radical Feminists Will Hate – Audio Series

Part 1: 12m 35s
Part 2: 8m 32s



Radical feminists would love nothing more than to take your son and eradicate his masculine uniqueness. They hate men, and therefore, they will hate your son. That is, of course, assuming that you, the parent, intend to raise your son to be a man instead of a rouged and lipsticked, male American Idol hopeful. Get it right, parental unit: in the coming days you will be facing man-haters who have sick designs for your dear son in culture, in the classroom and in a lot of churches.

These whacked women actually believe that masculinity, the male composition, and a guy’s hormones cause boys to become wicked oppressors, sexually abusive and brutal beasts; and they have the inflated stats, the re-written history books and the hysterical spin to prove it.

Your daunting mission is to go against the grain, stand up to the radical feminists, and raise your little man into a lion, capable of leading the next generation into a moral culture of God, family and country.

And it is to that end that we give you, Raising Boys Radical Feminists Will Hate by Doug Giles



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