E311: Two Pastors Discuss The Sound of Freedom Movie

Rich and Doug discuss the movie that’s shaking up our sleepy church and nation right now in this epic podcast.

E303: Strong Dad or Hard Dad?

Rich and Doug discuss the fine line of being a good dad and going rogue as a disciplinarian in this epic podcast.

E281: Say It Again! Raising Kids and the Next Generation to Follow Jesus

Doug and Rich discuss the hot topic of raising kids who will follow the Lord. Let’s reach our children, and our children’s children, and their children’s children! It’s not only possible but here are the secrets from Psalm 78 to make it happen.

E240: 12 Thoughts to Restoring Family Relationships – Part 3

In this final episode of the series, Doug and Rich attempt to tackle a very difficult topic in this practical and powerful podcast series. Incredible insights from two different perspectives on family: Doug from an intact traditional family and Rich remarried from a blended family after divorce. This is as real as it gets!

E228: The Concert From Hell

Rich and Doug discuss the evil and deadly Travis Scott concert and the idiotic parents who let their kids attend.

E174: Raising Boys That Radical Feminists Will Hate

Rich and Doug discuss raising boys in a man-hating environment in this epic podcast.

E160: A Green Beret Speaks About The Father’s Role: Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Dave Clukey on Personal Responsibility

Rich and Doug have a dynamic conversation with this warrior!  Dave is insightful, thoughtful, and practical in his discussion about how to handle mobs, defend your family, and the responsibility of training your children to take personal responsibility.  Hold on!

E141: A Boy Won’t Become A Man If He Must Always Obey Mommy

Rich and Doug tackle a very controversial text from Matthew Chapter 12. I doubt you’ll hear this preached about at your hip and groovy church youth group. Enjoy and share it with others…

Dear Parents: Would You Allow Drag Queens To Read To Your Kiddies About Drag Queens?

This world has officially gone frickin’ nuts and your kids are in the cultural crosshairs. Rich and Doug expose a wicked trend of Drag Queen story-tellers marshaled before young and impressionable kids. Possibility, YOUR kids. Buckle up for this one, ladies and gents.


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Dear Dads, No Matter What The Man-Haters Say, You’re Irreplaceable!

The man-hating feminists would love for us all to believe that a dad’s role in his kid’s life really isn’t that important and that a father can be easily replaced by extra mothers, or public school, or some government program; however, the facts speak to the contrary. Doug tables 10+ reasons why dads are indispensable in this epic DougCast. Enjoy.

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