E309: The Trans Community Don’t Like This Bible Passage

Rich and Doug discuss a passage of scripture TransActivists no-likey.

E289: If Jesus Were Here Today He Would Be Cancelled

Here’s part one of why Jesus would be rejected again today if He was ministering amongst us.

E270: 7 Characteristics Of A False Teacher: Part 4

Rich and Doug discuss the biblical definition of a false teacher in this very important, multi-part, series.

E260: Here’s 9 Signs You’re Abusing Your Pastor

Rich and Doug deep-dive the topic of churches who give their pastor way too much crap. Enjoy and share.

E254: Toxic Femininity

Uh, oh. Rich and Doug go there in this no holds barred podcast. Enjoy and share.

E193: How to Find a Good Church in Woke 2021

Rich and Doug give their two cents on what to look for when seeking fellowship in this funky culture.

E138: Jesus Empowers People Most Religious Folks Would Pass On

Rich and Doug dig deep into the Book of Matthew in a podcast that’s guaranteed to leave a scar. Enjoy and share it with Pharisees.

E134: Why Are Some ‘Christians’ Opposing Kanye’s Ministry?

Rich and Doug take on the Christian critics of Kanye’s new found faith in this raucous podcast.

E115: Dear Pastor: Here’s How You Can Preach And NOT Convert Anyone

Brace yourself for this one. I guarantee if your pastor is beset with ogling public opinion and is a spiritual weather vane he ain’t gonna like this podcast. However, if you’re sick of PC-speech then this Bud is for you. Enjoy.

B53: Hey Atheist Get Your Own Moral Code – Pt 1

Don’t you love how atheists borrow moral capital from the Christian worldview? In this #DOUGCAST, Giles puts them on FULL BLAST. Enjoy.

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