E355: Did The “Devil” Really Make You Do It?

Rich and Doug discuss what role our flesh and demonic spirits play in our evil actions in this epic podcast. Enjoy and share.

E328: Two More Demonic Traits of The Uber Religious

Rich and Doug continue to discuss the scriptures ultimate bad guys, The Pharisees, in this fresh podcast. Enjoy, subscribe, comment, and share.

E327: You Might Be a Pharisee If…

Rich and Doug discuss the Scripture’s ultimate bad guys in this fresh podcast. Enjoy and share with others…

E309: The Trans Community Don’t Like This Bible Passage

Rich and Doug discuss a passage of scripture TransActivists no-likey.

E289: If Jesus Were Here Today He Would Be Cancelled

Here’s part one of why Jesus would be rejected again today if He was ministering amongst us.

E270: 7 Characteristics Of A False Teacher: Part 4

Rich and Doug discuss the biblical definition of a false teacher in this very important, multi-part, series.

E260: Here’s 9 Signs You’re Abusing Your Pastor

Rich and Doug deep-dive the topic of churches who give their pastor way too much crap. Enjoy and share.

E254: Toxic Femininity

Uh, oh. Rich and Doug go there in this no holds barred podcast. Enjoy and share.

E193: How to Find a Good Church in Woke 2021

Rich and Doug give their two cents on what to look for when seeking fellowship in this funky culture.

E138: Jesus Empowers People Most Religious Folks Would Pass On

Rich and Doug dig deep into the Book of Matthew in a podcast that’s guaranteed to leave a scar. Enjoy and share it with Pharisees.

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