E323: Hamas, No Mas!

Rich and Doug discuss the demonic attack on Israel by Hamas Terrorists in this epic podcast

E318: Will You Obey Any New COVID Edicts?

Rich and Doug discuss COVID’s supposed comeback in this fresh podcast.

E311: Two Pastors Discuss The Sound of Freedom Movie

Rich and Doug discuss the movie that’s shaking up our sleepy church and nation right now in this epic podcast.

E299: Transgendered Person Kills Christians – Is That A Hate Crime?

Rich and Doug discuss the disgusting Covenant Christian School Massacre by Trans Lunatic.

E295: Is The Asbury Revival Legit?

Rich and Doug discuss the good, bad, and ugly aspects of Revivals in this epic podcast.

E280: States That Embrace Evil Should Brace For Judgment

Rich and Doug discuss the judgment of God against the anti-Christian policies embraced by many U.S. States in this epic podcast.

E267: Two Pastors Discuss The Raid On Trump’s Home

Rich and Doug discuss the horrific raid on Maralago and what that means for America.

E262: Mass Shootings and Red Flag Laws

In this controversial episode, Doug and Rich discuss the political reality of the increase in Mass Shootings leading up to the midterm elections. They also address the dangers of the proposed “Red Flag Laws” in many states.


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E254: Toxic Femininity

Uh, oh. Rich and Doug go there in this no holds barred podcast. Enjoy and share.

E241: Whistleblower Exposes 2021 Spike In Severe Illnesses In TX National Guard

Rich and Doug’s special guest has some sober things you need to hear about the alarming effects of the v@ccine that was administered to the Texas National Guard.

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