E325: Confronting That Which Is Evil

Doug and author Albin Sadar discuss confronting evil in the Church and in The State in this epic podcast.

E209: Biden’s Boys Get Busted Spying On This Epic Patriot

Creepy Joe’s creep factor just grew ten-fold for this spying infraction. As you can imagine, Rich and Doug go mach2 on this egregious overreach.

E124: Is Kanye’s Conversion ‘REAL’ – This Podcast Will Definitely Offend Many People

Rich and Doug discuss Kanye, his latest album, ‘Jesus Is King’ and the controversy surrounding his conversion experience and subsequent ministry in this epic podcast. Enjoy and share.

B54: The Battle Is Real!

In this #RICHCAST you will be encouraged to “fight the good fight of faith!” It is a BATTLE, not a walk in the park. This is 2 minutes of information and motivation!

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