E339: Running To Gun Fire

Rich and Doug discuss the heroic actions of a bro during the Super Bowl Parade shooting.

E336: Border War.

Rich and Doug blame Democrats and Republicans for the border BS. Here’s why…

E291: GO! Answer the Call – Part 2

World Missions, sacrifice, respect, and trusting God are the topic of this podcast. Rich and Pastor Tom Reynard talk about difficulties, funny stories, challenges, and triumphs!

E265: 7 Characteristics Of A False Teacher: Part 1

Rich and Doug discuss the biblical definition of a false teacher in this very important, multi-part, series.

E264: Standing Up When the World is Telling You to Sit Down

Doug and Rich hit the topic of not allowing your past, your family, the condition of our nation, or even the condition of the church to hold you back! King Hezekiah overcame all of these obstacles to become the greatest king in the history of Judah. Get ready to get fired up!

E253: Are You The Real Deal?

Doug and Rich talk about walking the walk. When you consider the persecuted church around the world it puts your life into proper perspective. Do you have what it takes? This episode is challenging and inspiring!

E218: Covid & Kabul

Rich and Doug discuss these two hot button issues hitting our Nation in this fresh podcast.

E208: Emotional Tenacity 3: The Strength to Conquer

Doug and Rich conclude this 3-part series on discovering and building your emotional strength. It’s not easy, but it is a key to conquest in your life!

E206 – Emotional Tenacity 2: Building Emotional Strength

Doug and Rich discuss how to build your emotional strength and stamina through the challenges of your life. It’s time to get stronger through conflict!

E205 – Emotional Tenacity: Get It Or Get Left Behind

Rich and Doug discuss going through intense garbage and coming out of the other side better and not bitter.

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