Warriors & Wildmen

E359: The Colossal Failure of The LEOs Guarding Trump

Rich and Doug discuss the ridiculous breakdown of Trump’s “security” detail last weekend.

E358: Wrestling with Devils

In this podcast Rich and Doug discuss how to defeat the powers of darkness in one’s life. Enjoy and share with those going through the meat grinder right now.

E357: Two Pastors Discuss The Debate Debacle

Here’s a conversation you will not hear about the debate from your typical pastor. Enjoy and share.

E356: Trusting God’s Sovereignty and Love During Sucky Situations

Rich and Doug discuss how to keep faith when under duress by the flesh and the powers of darkness in this epic podcast. Enjoy and share.

E355: Did The “Devil” Really Make You Do It?

Rich and Doug discuss what role our flesh and demonic spirits play in our evil actions in this epic podcast. Enjoy and share.

E354: God’s Use of Unlikely Individuals: A Biblical Perspective

In this podcast, Rich and Doug discuss the significance of dependence on God and the need to let go of pride and preconceived expectations in order to receive God’s blessings.

E353: Young Woman’s Testimony About Falling Away From God Is a Must Watch

Every parent needs to watch this. Also, if you have lost your walk with God, don’t miss this episode. 🔥

E352: Faith: What Matters Most?

Doug and Rich discuss what kept Moses going in his most difficult circumstances. Moses “persevered because he saw Him who is invisible.” Let’s go! This episode is about what matters most and how to get it!

E351 – Faith: Pain or Pleasure?

Doug and Rich examine Moses’s faith in this encouraging episode. Get ready to be challenged, inspired, and fired up to live life hardcore!

E350: Put Your Prayer Life On Steroids

Rich and Doug discuss how to crank up one’s spiritual warfare in this epic podcast.

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