E209: Biden’s Boys Get Busted Spying On This Epic Patriot

Creepy Joe’s creep factor just grew ten-fold for this spying infraction. As you can imagine, Rich and Doug go mach2 on this egregious overreach.

E172: 90% Of Conservative Pastors Won’t Touch Cultural Issues – Here’s Why.

Conservative Pastors were asked, “Why won’t you preach about these cultural issues?” Their response will make you vomit.

E171: Christian Minister Says God’s Judgment Is Coming To Anti-Trumpers This November

In this podcast, Rich and Doug discuss a dire prophetic warning leveled at the anti-Trump cabal in the U.S.

E144: “Follow The Money!” The Coronavirus And World Economies With Former SVp of Meril Lynch

Doug and Rich talk with Mahmoud Elwadi, former First Vice President at Merill Lynch and author of “THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS: From Washing Dishes To Wall Street, My Journey Pursuing The American Dream,” about how the Coronavirus is affecting world markets, the US economy, and our lives. His Facebook Live video was viewed more than 158 million times. This interview is hard-hitting and pulls no punches! NOTE: CHINA WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH THIS INTERVIEW!

E137: Two Christian Bros Shred Pelosi And We Mean, SHRED!

Rich and Doug tackle Pelosi and the left’s outrageous antics at the last State Of The Union address by President Trump.

E133: Rich & Doug Talk Impeachment

Rich & Doug are in classic form as they talk Impeachment, righteous anger, and what it means to have a successful America. This is not a politically correct episode… but come to think of it, are any of them?? Enjoy and share it with a friend!

E122: A Politically Inactive Church Allows Evil To Flourish

Here’s A Dare: we dare you to play this at your next Bible Study. Enjoy.

E120: Here’s A ‘SPECIAL’ Podcast For Christians Who Want Trump IMPEACHED

Rich and Doug are in rare form in this podcast. We dare you to play this at your next bible study. Good luck.

E110: Jesus And Trump – What Their Enemies Have In Common

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep and… by the enemies they attract.

E105: Christians Who’re AGAINST Trump Are Idiots

Rich and Doug take to task supposed Christians who loathe Trump’s Christian friendly and pro-Constitution governance in this bare-knuckle podcast. Enjoy and share it with the NeverTrumpkin tinkerpots.

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