E280: States That Embrace Evil Should Brace For Judgment

Rich and Doug discuss the judgment of God against the anti-Christian policies embraced by many U.S. States in this epic podcast.


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One comment on “E280: States That Embrace Evil Should Brace For Judgment

  1. Major Tom says:

    Great show, guys…..Here, in Canada….if a public school teacher teaches anything against the ‘government narrative.’…..that teacher is subject to discipline including termination. Where I live, the school board and provincial teacher’s association is dominated by Communists and perverts……the apathy of the electorate keeps them there….and the brainwashing continues……I recall where a school janitor overheard a teacher giving a Christian worldview and immediately reported him to the principal……The teacher was called in and warned! ….Keep up the great work! God bless!

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