E358: Wrestling with Devils

In this podcast Rich and Doug discuss how to defeat the powers of darkness in one’s life. Enjoy and share with those going through the meat grinder right now.

E354: God’s Use of Unlikely Individuals: A Biblical Perspective

In this podcast, Rich and Doug discuss the significance of dependence on God and the need to let go of pride and preconceived expectations in order to receive God’s blessings.

E340: Our Riches in Christ

Rich and Doug spotlight a chunk of scripture that is mind-blowing for the believer in the mind-renewing podcast.

E334: I Am Renewing My Mind – Part 1

Doug and Rich break out an encouraging podcast to help you prepare for the New Year!

E321: Are you Delusional? Part 2

Doug and Rich continue to discuss seven ways a person can deceive themselves. Part 1 covers the first three and this episode covers the last four. This is big-time stuff!

E292: Here’s Two More Reasons Jesus Would Be Cancelled Today

Here’s part two of why Jesus would be rejected again today if He was ministering amongst us.

E275 – PART 1: Are you a Spiritual Pygmy?

Rich and Doug discuss spiritual immaturity in this barn-burning podcast. Enjoy and share!

E221: Prepare. Defend. Lead.

Rich and Doug discuss podcaster Joe Prim’s new book, Open: Six Life-Changing Principles, in this bare-knuckle broadcast. Enjoy and share.

E205 – Emotional Tenacity: Get It Or Get Left Behind

Rich and Doug discuss going through intense garbage and coming out of the other side better and not bitter.

B45: Be A Hard And Smart Worker Instead Of A Bloated, Hand-Out, Stooge

If you wish to thrive in a competitive world and move up the ladder of success, versus being a government-handout stooge of the machine. Pull out your journal and jot down these twenty bullet points.

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