E340: Our Riches in Christ

Rich and Doug spotlight a chunk of scripture that is mind-blowing for the believer in the mind-renewing podcast.

E334: I Am Renewing My Mind – Part 1

Doug and Rich break out an encouraging podcast to help you prepare for the New Year!

E321: Are you Delusional? Part 2

Doug and Rich continue to discuss seven ways a person can deceive themselves. Part 1 covers the first three and this episode covers the last four. This is big-time stuff!

E292: Here’s Two More Reasons Jesus Would Be Cancelled Today

Here’s part two of why Jesus would be rejected again today if He was ministering amongst us.

E275 – PART 1: Are you a Spiritual Pygmy?

Rich and Doug discuss spiritual immaturity in this barn-burning podcast. Enjoy and share!

E221: Prepare. Defend. Lead.

Rich and Doug discuss podcaster Joe Prim’s new book, Open: Six Life-Changing Principles, in this bare-knuckle broadcast. Enjoy and share.

E205 – Emotional Tenacity: Get It Or Get Left Behind

Rich and Doug discuss going through intense garbage and coming out of the other side better and not bitter.

B45: Be A Hard And Smart Worker Instead Of A Bloated, Hand-Out, Stooge

If you wish to thrive in a competitive world and move up the ladder of success, versus being a government-handout stooge of the machine. Pull out your journal and jot down these twenty bullet points.

#RICHCAST B35: You Are What You Think.

Who do you think you are? How you think of yourself will greatly impact your ability to reach your potential.

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