E205 – Emotional Tenacity: Get It Or Get Left Behind

Rich and Doug discuss going through intense garbage and coming out of the other side better and not bitter.


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2 comments on E205 – Emotional Tenacity: Get It Or Get Left Behind

  1. Major Tom says:

    Superb show, guys……inspirational…….Soldier on! From BC!

  2. Le Conway says:

    Found you on E204 and immediately wanted to share with my family; hubby,2 daughters, son and son-in-law, 2 granddaughters; 2&17, and 6 grandsons; 3 to 15! Everyday I think and pray about their futures, pray that the evil will be crushed; pray that the decisions I make will be right and good.
    I listened to E205 also; and I find what you say to be real and forthright!. I know going forward we will all need to be warriors to face the evil that is ahead of us! Bless you for being warriors!

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