B27: Erotic ‘Christian’ Worship Music Is One Reason Men No Likey Church

Here are the historical roots of why men have done the Forrest Gump out of Church and why masculinity is divorced from your Sunday morning services.

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2 comments on B27: Erotic ‘Christian’ Worship Music Is One Reason Men No Likey Church

  1. Charlene says:

    Are you talking about the most trendy thing now about having intimacy with God? I never heard that word used in regards to how we approach God until the last few years. As a young person it was: “draw near, talk with, be a friend, love God, a closer walk with thee etc. But now we must become intimate with God, desire intimacy with us like he does with us … Though it may have a different meaning in some cases I can’t hear intimacy without thinking “sex” so every time I read about being intimate with God I lose the plot. And mostly women use the word in their talks and teachings. I asked my pastor and he said he had a problem with the word too. There are other words that could be used to get the same result as they try to achieve with intimacy but it just sounds wrong. Maybe it is me but I don’t think it belongs in that context.

  2. selena says:

    go and investigate Christian Orthodox as it remains the authentic rite complete w/reverence. There is no modernism,feminism whatever,only the sacred rite from Christ Himself to the present day.

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