E103: Sin, Sorrow & Repentance: Part 2

Satan presents to us the best men’s sins, and hides from us their virtues; he shows us their sins and hides from us their sorrows and repentance. El Diablo sets before us the adultery of David, the pride of Hezekiah, the impatience of Job, the drunkenness of Noah, the blasphemy of Peter, etc., and then hides from us the tears, the sighs, the groans, the meltings, the humblings, and repentings of these men of God.

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One comment on “E103: Sin, Sorrow & Repentance: Part 2

  1. Steve Clason says:

    Great insight to day guys. Resume’s are ok, but the actual story behind the qualifications hold the power. Every minister needs to be able to share their story of ‘brokenness.’ If they cannot articulate it, they are simply not worth their salt! They will blow the ministry up!

    Every person who is worthy to be called a “Fully Devoted Follower” needs to intimately know what this conversation is about!

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