E105: Christians Who’re AGAINST Trump Are Idiots

Rich and Doug take to task supposed Christians who loathe Trump’s Christian friendly and pro-Constitution governance in this bare-knuckle podcast. Enjoy and share it with the NeverTrumpkin tinkerpots.

The full list mentioned on the episode can be found by clicking here.


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One comment on “E105: Christians Who’re AGAINST Trump Are Idiots

  1. Crowe says:

    Killed it guys! As a former Ted Cruz fan and Trump skeptic, i am completely convinced that Ted or any other candidate would have done but a fraction of the good and Biblical things that Trump has accomplished. At no point should a “Christian” condone or support Obama or anyone from that line of thinking and that David Barton article completely destroys the Liberal Christian argument. Proud of you guys for tackling what a lot of people will consider a controversial topic but i would argue that this is the type discussion that should be going on in all churches prior to the 2020 election because Liberal Christians are being deceived by the pulpit and culture into believing that what they believe is Biblical. I pray Warriors and Wildmen goes viral for many many Christians especially Men need to hear this worldview and be convicted by it!

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