E114: Two ‘Christian Super Stars’ Walkaway From God – The Church Is Like, OMG!

Rich and Doug discuss the recent apostasy of two ‘major’ Christian influencers in this epic podcast. Enjoy.

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One comment on “E114: Two ‘Christian Super Stars’ Walkaway From God – The Church Is Like, OMG!

  1. Steve Clason says:

    Loved your guys outlook on those two leaders who walked away. They are a couple of twinkies.
    Yup, tough things happen, and at times we are disillusioned… But, suck it up buttercup! Those who are serious Christ-followers are gonna face difficult times. I’m sick of leaders who are quick to crumble under difficult opinions and circumstances! Christ is a great divider “Unless a man hates his family…”
    Decide if you are gonna be in or out. Just don’t piss and moan publicly if you cannot manage the hard times!
    I’m more than willing to sit and discuss the difficult questions with anyone. Call me!
    Thanks for your perspective, and calling people out! I quoted you this morning in my message!

    Steve Clason

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