E122: A Politically Inactive Church Allows Evil To Flourish

Here’s A Dare: we dare you to play this at your next Bible Study. Enjoy.

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One comment on “E122: A Politically Inactive Church Allows Evil To Flourish

  1. Bad Hombre says:

    I got stones! Man you guys have fired me up latley! I not only have stopped listening to my music playlist at the gym but started giving to the war cheat. Eventually I will listen to all the WW podcasts and individual messages you guys do.
    I do have one simple request if you can help me out. I need your podcasts to last at least 45 mins that way I can get through my daily routine!
    Preach longer my brothers and keep it coming. I need a good spiritual workout as well as a physical one!
    I freakin love you guys! ?.
    God bless and keep doing what you do!

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