E126: Smoking Cigars, Offensive Language, and The Church

A Warriors and Wildmen listener emailed Doug and Rich with a few honest questions: Why Cigars? Why Offensive Language? And WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Hold on to your jockstrap. This ain’t your momma’s podcast!



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One comment on “E126: Smoking Cigars, Offensive Language, and The Church

  1. Larry Elizondo says:

    You guys are so on the mark! Your messages strum my heart strings especially the Cigars, Language…. (I have a 10 pk of .375 Magnums in my humidor)! For so many years I felt so “out of place” in the church because I was wired differently. I wore cowboy boots and blue jeans while “the other men” had their slacks and penny loafers–there was many of them and few of me(s). Truthfully I begin to believe I didn’t belong but my Heavenly Father continued to remind me that I was masterfully made thus He knew my heart. I said to heck with them I will be me b/c God don’t make mistakes! Your messages constantly remind me of this. Thank you and press on Brothers!!

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