E196: Christus Victor

Rich and Doug discuss the atoning work of Christ and His triumph over the powers of darkness


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One comment on “E196: Christus Victor

  1. Michael Gwilliam says:

    I’m worthy because me and my sin is covered by the blood of Christ. My worth is in direct proportion to my faithfulness to the mission the Holy Spirit has entrusted me. I was put here for reason and I fully plan on completing my assignment. In fact I was going to move to Tennessee in the summer of 2022. The Lord had a different destination for me. He’s sending me to Michigan to live by my oldest son because He gave my son and my 7 year old granddaughter the same mission! This mission is beyond our dollars and capabilities but it isn’t too big for our God to use us as His hands and feet. If God can use Gideon He can use us!

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