Violence Seems To Be The Soup du Jour For The Radical Left

Poor little Leftists. No one wants to listen to their nonsensical, jacked up, entitlement mentality and feckless worldview. So, being bellicose little brats, they do what most petulant little tyrants do namely, they start breaking crap. Rich and Doug predict that this will not end well for THEM.


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5 comments on Violence Seems To Be The Soup du Jour For The Radical Left

  1. USNavy-Mike says:

    And yet it isn’t “Leftists” that are proclaiming that “There will be blood in the streets if trump is impeached.” or “Liberalism is a disease and the only known cure is a bullet.” or “If trump is impeached, we’ll have to make use of our 2nd Amendment rights.”

    Most Liberals I know say things like “We all need to get along more.” or “Remember what the bible taught and treat others how you want to be treated.” and the like.

    1. Bill says:

      C’mon MIke – go back and read what you wrote. For one thing you’ll be hard pressed to find a liberal who even knows what a bible is let alone has ever read one. What about the blood in the streets right now by liberals who hate the fact that Trump is president? So that’s okay, but conservatives saying there will be blood in the street if he is impeached is not okay? When you say “most liberals you know”, how many is that? Just watch the news and see the antifa crowds running wild and tearing down statues and smashing businesses. If you were really in the Navy then thank you for your service, but your views on the current political environment are not grounded in fact.

      1. USNavy-Mike says:

        Really Bill? I was raised in private religious schools. By 4th grade I had Genesis and Exodus memorized. All of my friends from those schools are Liberals. My mom and aunt are Liberals. Just because Liberals realize The Founding Fathers and The Constitution repeatedly stated that are country is not a christian country nor are our laws based upon the bible doesn’t mean we don’t know the bible or read. I’ll openly admit that I no longer am christian, but I still have a bible and read it. Your generalization is exactly like this one: Conservatives say Liberals are afraid of guns. That means only conservatives are capable of mass shootings. See how that works? You and I both know that none of those statements are true, yours or mine.

        What blood in the streets by Liberals? You mean Charlotte? That was right wingers. Sure, I’ll admit that I’ve seen some stupidity in that regard from Liberals, but like some of your party, it’s the extreme fringe. No. Threats and name-calling are not OK. Then again, I’ve never had a Liberal call me a “gay transexual lover” for having a Brazilian wife, but I have had several conservatives say that and worse to me.

        Ok Bill. As I’m watching the fringe group Antifa make sure you tune in to Alex Jones and the president’s KKK and supremacist supporters. (A quickie question on the statues: Why are we glorifying men that were our country’s enemies again? Why do conservatives want to glorify slave-owners and men that attacked the United States of America?)

        Oh, and remember, it wasn’t a counter-protestor that drove their car through a crowd in Charlotte and it wasn’t a trump protestor that stabbed the Muslim girl on the subway. Or that shot up the mosque in the Midwest or told Hindi people to leave “their” country.

        I love how almost every conservative I speak with prefaces their “thanks” with “If you really served” or “If you were really in the Navy……” The ONLY conservatives that don’t and have never said it to me are either shipmates or people I’ve known most of my life.

        From the bottom of my heart I have to thank you for a lucid and respectful reply to my post. It’s a refreshing change to what I’m used to.

        1. Will Davis says:

          Well, Mike. Thank you for your service but I think Rep. Scalise would probably disagree. I also watched the videos of the leftist riots after Trump was elected. I don’t consider my ancestors traitors. They were Southerners and went with their new country. I am no apologist for slavery. It was a vile, cruel practice and we were well rid of it but the South simply and legally seceded. The North went to war for money….losing the warm water ports and the tariffs was unacceptable so Lincoln invaded and started a bloody war the cost the lives of 600,000 men and an untold number of civilians.
          What I do take offense at is the continuing inference that Southerners were (and are now) traitors. My gggg grandfather was killed by the British at the siege of Augusta in 1781. Another ggg grandfather fought in the War of 1812. 2 great grandfathers and 4 gg uncles fought for the Confederacy. Another was a Union officer in the 101st Pennsylvania. One of my ancestors was the youngest officer to serve in the Spanish-American War and my father was an infantry Lieutenant in WWII. In 1962 I tried to join the USMC but couldn’t pass the physical (missing kidney). Southerners do their part and always will. Just as well, I guess because I would have probably have been sent to Vietnam. Maybe I was lucky.

  2. USNavy-Mike says:

    One more thing that I almost forgot Bill.

    Did you see the video of the man “the authorities” are looking for in regards to the fire-bombing of an abortion clinic? How much you want to bet he’s not a Liberal or member of Antifa and that he voted for trump?

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