E69: Christians & Voting: Does God Care Who Gets Elected?

In this Warriors & Wildmen podcast Doug and Rich deep dive the issue of ballot casting and Christianity. This will leave memory burn. Enjoy.

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2 comments on E69: Christians & Voting: Does God Care Who Gets Elected?

  1. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon says:

    Yes God cares who gets elected…He ordained the elected good or bad for the Offices We choose to put in and He does not want Us doing anything but to pray for them and He will take care of the rest. You see that Obama and His Regime did not Takeover America like them and Soro’s planned. It is not saying that somehow they may influence Voters like they are doing right now thinking We the Patriots of America might just put into Office their Cronies! We have to be really careful! Sometimes you get what yo pray for and it is not good, but it is not saying when We make a Big Mistake God will not fix Our Problems!

  2. Jim says:

    Actually, God does care who we decide to lead us. In the Old Testament, God referred to time periods of the Hebrews and their disobedience or obedience, by the name of the King at that time. The king, like the leaders we elect set the theme and the state of the people.

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