E74: Female Preacher Has Bro REPENT To All Women – We Call BS

Man hating is the soup de jour in postmodernism and, unfortunately, it has infected the church. Rich and Doug put this silliness on FULL BLAST. Enjoy.

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One comment on “E74: Female Preacher Has Bro REPENT To All Women – We Call BS

  1. shurtle says:

    I don’t understand you Doug when you condone a man finding another woman or in your words, “he’s gonna find a hot young holy woman.” So you are in favor of men abandoning the responsibility of giving his life for his wife? I’m not condoning women being a shrew or controlling or anything that is against loving him as Christ tells us, but seriously your statement is so out of order. Are you speaking to a Christian man concerning finding another woman? Wow, glad my Savior didn’t take that attitude with me. Doug your idle words will be judged, careful how you speak. Your tongue is very loose at times.

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