E76: Warriors & Wildmen Over the Past 75 Episodes

It’s Thanksgiving and all of us here at Warriors & Wildmen are so thankful for all our listeners! This special episode has clips from some of our past episodes. Shoot us a message with some of your favorite memories from the show!

DO YOU HAVE THE METAL to carry the Warriors & Wildmen MAN CARD? That’s right, it’s a steel card.  The back of the card reminds you to “DO EPIC STUFF” (or “DO EPIC SH*T”, your choice).  Every time you do something EPIC for God, family, or others, overcome a fear, or achieve a conquest in your life, you are challenged to “scar the card.” Hit it with a hammer or a bang it with a rock! Make sure to leave a scar to remind you of your conquests.

Take a pic with the card scarred up and share your story with us!  Join the movement. #scarthecard  http://waw.fm/man-card

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