E77: What is happening to the Church in America?

Rich and Shannon Kapp (guest pastor on this podcast while Doug is out) discuss the cannibalism of the American Church. The Church is literally destroying and devouring itself from within. This is a wild and raw look at the culture of modern American Christianity and what it has become.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

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7 comments on E77: What is happening to the Church in America?

  1. NYCJIM says:

    The need for “God” has past.
    It is better and in the long term healthier for civilization to face facts…..
    The biggest fact is that there are no Deities just our fear of death.

    1. Barry Jones Sr. says:

      Real Christians have “no fear of death”…

    2. Kevin Bearly says:

      Where did we come from?

  2. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says:

    Fear is not of God, but have to fear God to the Point that He is the Author of the Bible, He said in His word NOT to “Add or Take Away from How he had it written”! Money Hungry People aide from the Church and Probably Church Members decided to Write it so People could understand it when they rewrote the King James Version ! They Screwed it up really good..the language and Words have different meaning then they did back when King James did the Job for God and is Group by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The ones who changed it in the past 30 years were not all Christians, and their thoughts means “o” to Us and the Christians or the ones calling themselves were not Christians or they would of NOT changed Gods’ Word Period! Americans go Out to the Christian Book Stores and Buy Up the King James Versions and relent to Praying for the True Understanding of the Scriptures instead of believing that the Quacks Who changed the Word Around was or is right…they are wrong! Read the 1st Chapter of Romans all the way through and you will see who is not going to make Heaven after the Great Judgement Day!

    1. Kevin Bearly says:

      Your point is total feminine nonsense. God did not use the adulterer King to have his own version of the bible. His version makes a lot of mistakes when put up against the original scriptures. You can find truth in the actual translations from the original languages.

  3. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says:

    The man is wrong Everyone has to know that they need God all the Time! They are so Humanistic to say differently and they are even in the “Churches”! Weed them Out and things will get better1

  4. Aranhas says:

    I’ve had a fascination with science and particularly with Physics and Quantum Mechanics for decades. Drove my wife crazy trying to understand and discuss it with her. My interests led me to accept the concept of intelligent design. Not necessarily a God or religion, but “something” that holds it all together and got it started in the first place. Nobody knows, certainly not science. Do religions simply put an anthropomorphic filter over the mysteries? Does religion simply give believers a safe haven to go to when times get tough? For me, an unbeliever, I wonder, but I have no safe haven to go to when I’m at the end of my rope. I wish I could believe. I wish I could convert my scientific inquiry into a religious belief, but I can’t and I envy religious believers. I have nothing but questions. They have nothing but answers.

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