E93: The Good, Bad & Ugly Sides Of ANGER – Part 1

In this podcast, Rich and Doug talk about rage and ragers. Yes, it’s convicting.

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2 comments on E93: The Good, Bad & Ugly Sides Of ANGER – Part 1

  1. Matt Diaz says:

    You guys nailed it here. Pump the brakes! Be angry, but don’t sin!

    Doug, I legit paused the podcast and asked God to help me forgive a man and his wife that wronged me almost 10 years ago!

    Rich, you were talking about how you justified your actions because you were right… man, I been living that life for a long time and not that I abuse the people around me, but I don’t treat them well sometimes, because I know I’m right. I just did it to one of my guys 2 weeks ago.

    You guys kick ass and are a huge encouragement and today you brought righteous conviction to a brother in NE Oregon! Thanks for all you do!!

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