B25: Is Masculinity Incompatible With Christianity?

Why do men avoid church like Bill avoids Hillary after a late night at Hooters?

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4 comments on B25: Is Masculinity Incompatible With Christianity?

  1. Moejj says:

    I certainly don’t.

    With the feminization of males by the leftists talking down anything/everything to do with manliness with their ridiculous “toxic masculinity”, I think might be a good idea for the return of Muscular Christianity.

  2. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says:

    It is the Duty of the Christians in every Church to Straighten Up in their Churches and unless yo Do this No one will be atteding the Services in Our Country. The Music needs to turn back to the Old Fashion Country Songs with a definite Message to and for the Listeners who desire to be preached to through the Singing,, the Country Bands in the Country Setting of Cities and give the People want they want an d say they need….they pay the bills! The NEW Music on the Walls do not have many messages that people like or want to hear …the songs are needless and hopeless music with NO Godly Messages for the most part…just rhetoric so the ones liking it can say they sing to God!! Well Songs are to have Messages of Salvation and Hope for the whole and Majority of the Church Body not messages that effect the singers only
    who want to sing nonsense with No Hope for the others present…Every Church Building without Song Books of Old should Run and Buy them and start An Old Fashion Revival in every Church Building….the People are the Church…The Building is the Meeting Place!

  3. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says:

    If the men around me and other Good Women of America with Good Moral Lives LOVE Men who will Stand Up and Be Christians! We Adore the Masculinity, and it Takes a Real Man to be A Man of God and Obey God, Stay True to his Family and to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and Helping even their Fellow Members of Christian Living and to help the Widows, Children, and the Poor of America and the World! It is Honorable Living and the Reward is Excellent Living when their Lives end and God calls them Home to Heaven! Being Obedient to God has a Big Reward Here and Hereafter for those who take heed and Obey God!

  4. Rev. Janice & Veteran, Vernon Foster says:

    Today Not Tomorrow is the Time to Get Control and Lead Others to the Lord with all the rhetoric Going On in America to Destroy Democracy, Christianity, Our Rights and Freedoms. We Cordially and with Love for Our Wonderful Men of America that have Dropped out of Church Attendance…We Pray and Plead to YOU This Day to Wake Up and Take Your Place Back Into Your Place of Membership at Your Home Church or Find One that will Love You and Treat You the Way You Want and Need t be Treated In America. God Bless You all! Surprise Yourself and Your Family and Go To Church for You and Them! We Trust You to make this Decision for Everyone!

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