#DOUGCAST B38: Big Government Loves Men To Be Wussies

Today, the symbol the Left would concoct to represent their “American Dream” would be a pic of a dependent, 45-year-old, multi-pierced, Transgendered, whatchamacallit breast-feeding off a big, old, saggy, milk-dried, government dog tit: a veritable dependent, indebted and enslaved stooge of the machine from the cradle to the grave.

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2 comments on #DOUGCAST B38: Big Government Loves Men To Be Wussies

  1. Boz Rock says:

    Teddy so sorry to know your old friend Brian Howe died. I was on the Holy water tour with Bad Co and you sir

  2. Boz Rock says:

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    A shout out? We are the first to open our music hall to bring concerts and music fan back together. All are welcome! Remember: You Cant Stop Rock n Roll!!!
    Diamond Music Hall
    St. Peters, Mo. 63376
    Boz Rock 314 320 0180
    God Bless Ted and God Bless America

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