E151: Watch: Ted Nugent Blasts Cops Who Carry Out Unconstitutional COVID Orders

Ted and Shemane Nugent join Rich and Doug for this Warrior & Wildmen podcast and it got rowdy. As is in real rowdy. Enjoy and share with patriots.

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3 comments on E151: Watch: Ted Nugent Blasts Cops Who Carry Out Unconstitutional COVID Orders

  1. Loved this episode, fellas. Here in Washington, we have a Supreme court packed with Fabian Socialists, a Legislature controlled by Fabian Socialists, and a Governor who is a swaggering, overbearing, despotic, tyrannical, two-bit, tin-plated, Fabian Socialist dictator, with delusions of godhood. Pray for us. #bootinslee

    1. Christopher Noel says:

      Always inspired catching the podcast.
      Doug, I followed you on fb until the end. It amazes me how the “town square” has gone anti 1st Amendment. I so need a place like this to tap roots.Totally blessed and will pick up that book, sounds like a prescription to boldness for believing men. Great interview with Ted, heard you guys chuckling along with me.

  2. Boz Rock says:

    I would love to invite TED and his son out to Diamond Music Hall St. Peter’s Mo. 6/5/2020 to my concert as a surprise. We have 3 tribute bands performing that night Motley Crue Poison and Def Leppard. We would love to show the world, that life goes on and we want the world to also know is that the Liberals are holding our country Hostage. We are the only concert promoters that are open for business. I’ve had the honor to meet Mr Nugent numerous of times in my lifetime. I worked for Contemporary Productions for many years. I have to go up to Springfield Illinois this past year visit him and his son Toby. Thank you so much and I hope you consider this the nation has to get off their asses and go back to work. Most bands survive off of playing their music in bars and restaurants and clubs. We did a Telethon the first week of coronavirus shut down. Check us out at music relief.org, 28 hours Non-Stop music playing.20 bands volunteered their time as We snuck them in and snuck them out the back door 28 hours straight. We pulled it off and raised $3400.00. Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.

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