E126: Smoking Cigars, Offensive Language, and The Church

A Warriors and Wildmen listener emailed Doug and Rich with a few honest questions: Why Cigars? Why Offensive Language? And WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Hold on to your jockstrap. This ain’t your momma’s podcast!

E121: Pastors Who Punt On Political Issues Aid And Abet Evil

Yep, you read that title right. Rich and Doug go there in this podcast and back it up with a boatload of scripture, history and common sense. Enjoy.

E116: Dear Pastor: Here’s How You Can Preach And NOT Convert Anyone – Pt 2

Brace yourself for this one. I guarantee if your pastor is beset with ogling public opinion and is a spiritual weather vane he ain’t gonna like this podcast. However, if you’re sick of PC-speech then this Bud is for you. Enjoy.

E114: Two ‘Christian Super Stars’ Walkaway From God – The Church Is Like, OMG!

Rich and Doug discuss the recent apostasy of two ‘major’ Christian influencers in this epic podcast. Enjoy.

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B51: Can A Church Be Too Relevant?

Rich hits the Churches that are so “relevant” that they are no longer any different than our culture in character! This is 2 minutes of reminding the Church that we are called to be IN the world, but not OF the world.

B50: Where Are God’s Warriors & Wildmen?

Here’s an epic bible study by Doug Giles on WHY masculine men have dumped church and 4 things we can do to draw them back before our churches, families and country experience further rot due to their absence.

B49: Why People Don’t Go To Church

Rich breaks down three of the many reasons why people don’t go to church! This is challenging for those who don’t go to church and those who go and are partially to blame! Listen for 3 minutes of hard-hitting truth!

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