E173: Liberal Website Says Blacks Are Abandoning Biden

Oh boy! For this notorious anti-Trump rag to post something this bad about Biden you know Sleepy Joe is in deep doo doo come November 3rd.

E151: Watch: Ted Nugent Blasts Cops Who Carry Out Unconstitutional COVID Orders

Ted and Shemane Nugent join Rich and Doug for this Warrior & Wildmen podcast and it got rowdy. As is in real rowdy. Enjoy and share with patriots.

E112: Jesus & Self Defense

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B48: Men Are Made To Be INDEPENDENT Of Mommy And Big Government

At the hub of man’s constituent makeup is the natural and spiritual resistance to hanging on to any mortal or institution too long for subsistence.

B41: The Left’s Favorite Poem Is… The STATE Is My Shepherd

Do y’all like poetry? Here’s The Left’s favorite poem.

#DOUGCAST B38: Big Government Loves Men To Be Wussies

Today, the symbol the Left would concoct to represent their “American Dream” would be a pic of a dependent, 45-year-old, multi-pierced, Transgendered, whatchamacallit breast-feeding off a big, old, saggy, milk-dried, government dog tit: a veritable dependent, indebted and enslaved stooge of the machine from the cradle to the grave.

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