E146: COVID-19 FACTS: Debunking Media Hype and Social Media Hysteria

Doug and Rich called the COVID-19 Sham-demic from the beginning! Fake News continues to sell fear, but Warriors and Wildmen are telling it how it is! Enjoy and share it with others…

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One comment on “E146: COVID-19 FACTS: Debunking Media Hype and Social Media Hysteria

  1. Carol Sitzlar says:

    In listenung to your podcast avout the Virus, and the faked number of deaths being falsely attributed to it, I have to wonder. What if some person, some tech, nurse, or doctor, is being paid to inject the Virus into the person so it will be found and the death recorded as Virus-related? Certainly there are plenty of shills available to SoreAss and his minions.

    Just a thought. And I never bought into this whole “crisis” from the beginning. It reeked of desperate LeftyLoon attempts to remove President Trump.

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