Confronting Our Fears During Sketchy Times – E185

Rich and Doug discuss the fear that’s gripping this nation in this fresh podcast.


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One comment on “Confronting Our Fears During Sketchy Times – E185

  1. Michael Gwilliam says:

    That was awesome! How can anyone, who calls him or herself Christian, be afraid? We were built for a time like this and it’s coming! Too many quote unquote Christians believe in man more than the Christ, our Creator. This country deserves everything it’s going to get. Keep slaughtering the innocent, calling homosexuality love, that there are 70+ genders and all the other lies that these communists have been trying to shove up our asses for the last 100 years! We all need to listen intently to voice of the Holy Spirit and remain faithful no matter the cost. Eternity is a long time and I know where I’m spending it and I’m also pretty darn certain of where these evil doers are headed if they don’t come to the acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. God always wins in the end and so do His children.

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